My Story

Hey! So nice to meet you here!

In case you don't know much about me, here're some snippets (;

I'm Mona and I love nature, learning, and growing, and I'm so passionate about the 'little things' that add up to this journey. I am a multi-passionate who's interested in a wide variety of subjects and activities, and I'm also a jewellery designer and maker. I do everything here at Mx Knots. If I'm not in my other world, you’ll find me replying to your emails, crafting your pieces, wrapping your orders, dreaming about new creations, and everything else in-between.

How Did It All Start?

Entrepreneurship is very personal to me, and Mx Knots was born from a dream I had when I was 13. I started making the little friendship bracelets as a hobby, and I've always had the vision of sharing my crafts with the world, but to the younger me, it seemed farfetched. As the years progressed, I got caught up with many hobbies and interests that occupied my time, but my hands were always aching to go back to turning tiny knots into creations and evolve it into a business.

The younger me faced challenges on bringing this business to life, but the older me looked at these challenges as mini milestones that can be conquered with the right mindset.

I could wait no longer, so I had no option but to dive head first into it.

I was chatting with a friend about some handcrafted pieces she gifted me when I remembered my dream and it dawned on me. Not giving the dream I've always had a shot was no longer an option. I had to share my passion for entrepreneurship with the world. The thoughts in my mind began running rampant; I got filled with excitement and started working on my project right. after. the call.

For someone who has no background in business, marketing, finance, and anything in between, I found entrepreneurship rather challenging. But I was also eager to learn and gain more knowledge in these areas alongside embracing the journey of awakening, personal growth, and mental wealth. 

A few months later, I received an invitation to my very first market. I remember everything from that day exceeded my expectations, from the overwhelmingly sweet feedback I received to the number of sales I made. One thing led to another, and I began gaining momentum, growing in confidence that it's all working out - it's happening. I'm really living it.

What I like To Make And Why?

I design and craft gemstone jewels inspired by my love for nature. Each piece is unique, as I believe in embracing one's uniqueness and individuality. My jewellery allows you to carry nature's essence with you on your everyday journey through life. Each piece carries little messages and reminders my mind drew from nature itself, where the elements I work with originates. I enjoy making connections between things and love sharing them with you. After all, we all need those little reminders that help us reach our fullest potential.

I'm beyond grateful for your being here.

Thank you for choosing to support my brand.

I hope that wearing my jewellery uplifts you, reminding you of all the goodness nature provides, and encourages you to shine your unique light.